Some research activities of mine
Chair Activity
2019 Program Chair of AIxIA 2019 , the 18th International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence
2019 Program Chair of Datalog 2.0 2019 , the 3rd International Workshop on the Resurgence of Datalog in Academia and Industry
2019 Workshops Chair of LPNMR 2019 , the 15th International Conference on Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning
Program Committes
201720182019 AAAI AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence
20112015201620172018 IJCAI International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
2018 KR International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
201720182019 ICLP International Conference on Logic Programming
2019 JELIA European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence
20152017 RuleML International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning
20162019 PADL International Symposium on Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages
2015 LNMR International Workshop on Learning and Nonmonotonic Reasoning
2014201520162017 RCRA Experimental evaluation of algorithms for solving problems with combinatorial explosion
2018 PoS Pragmatics of SAT
2018 CILC Italian Conference on Computational Logic
2018 SAFA International Workshop on Systems and Algorithms for Formal Argumentation
2019 EPIA EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence
2019 ASPOCP Workshop on Answer Set Programming and Other Computing Paradigms
Publications (selection)
AIJ Mario Alviano, Wolfgang Faber, Gianluigi Greco, Nicola Leone:
Magic Sets for disjunctive Datalog programs.
Artif. Intell. 187: 156-192 (2012)
JAIR Mario Alviano, Francesco Calimeri, Wolfgang Faber, Nicola Leone, Simona Perri:
Unfounded Sets and Well-Founded Semantics of Answer Set Programs with Aggregates.
J. Artif. Intell. Res. 42: 487-527 (2011)
TPLP Mario Alviano, Carmine Dodaro:
Anytime answer set optimization via unsatisfiable core shrinking.
TPLP 16(5-6): 533-551 (2016)
TPLP Mario Alviano, Nicola Leone:
Complexity and compilation of GZ-aggregates in answer set programming.
TPLP 15(4-5): 574-587 (2015)
TPLP Mario Alviano, Carmine Dodaro, Francesco Ricca:
Anytime Computation of Cautious Consequences in Answer Set Programming.
TPLP 14(4-5): 755-770 (2014)
IJCAI Mario Alviano, Carmine Dodaro, Francesco Ricca:
A MaxSAT Algorithm Using Cardinality Constraints of Bounded Size.
IJCAI 2015: 2677-2683
LPNMR Mario Alviano, Carmine Dodaro, Nicola Leone, Francesco Ricca:
Advances in WASP.
LPNMR 2015: 40-54
KR Paul Saikko, Carmine Dodaro, Mario Alviano, Matti Järvisalo:
A Hybrid Approach to Optimization in Answer Set Programming.
KR 2018: 32-41
AAAI Mario Alviano, Wolfgang Faber, Hannes Strass:
Boolean Functions with Ordered Domains in Answer Set Programming.
AAAI 2016: 879-885
PODS Mario Alviano, Andreas Pieris:
Default Negation for Non-Guarded Existential Rules.
PODS 2015: 79-90